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Business Text Messaging for your Team

Heymarket helps you manage customer relationships from anywhere

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Shared inbox for customer support over text messaging
Shared Inbox

Share a phone number

Multiple team members can share a single phone number for text messaging. View and reply to the same incoming messages, or send messages from the inbox. Perfect for your team’s customer service, sales, or main number.

Productivity and CRM features for business text messaging

Smarter messaging for business

Schedule meetings, set reminders to follow up, and export chats. All over SMS. Heymarket saves your team time by working with existing contacts, custom fields, calendars, and photos.

Productivity and CRM features for business text messaging
Templates are pre-created business text messages

Say it again

Reuse common messages that include photos, text, and even the contact's first name. Track who viewed the photos and share templates across your team.

Customer outreach and marketing with business text messaging

Personalized customer interaction

Organize contacts into lists and send personalized messages. Each contacts receives a separate message and can reply privately to you. You can even track who viewed the photos in a message.

Customer outreach and marketing with business text messaging
Share business text messages, templates, lists, and contacts with your team

Work Together

Assign chats, share contacts, notes, lists, and templates with your team. You control how information is shared and who has access to each inbox. Data remains with the team, even when an employee leaves.

Set reminders for text messages
Manage Messages

Take control of business messages

Swipe any message to set a reminder, archive or mute. You can even export chats to back them up and search from your computer. Enable auto replies to set customer expectations and do not disturb to control notifications.

Set reminders for text messages
Schedule text messages to be sent later
Schedule Messages

Send it later

Compose a message and send it at the most appropriate time. It's simple to schedule any message to contacts or lists.


Automated sequence of messages

Send a series of messages on a set schedule to contacts. Create a welcome campaign for new customers or a feedback campaign for existing customers.

Business text messaging from your computer Contact Management
Mobile and Web Apps

Work however you like

Heymarket was built from the ground up for iPhone, Android, and any web browser. And best of all, your messages and team data are always in sync.

Texting for your existing landline and toll free numbers
Keep your number or get a new one

Text with Existing or New Numbers

Move the SMS portion of landline and toll free numbers to Heymarket. Keep the voice service with your current provider. Or get a new number for privacy reasons and route inbound phone calls wherever you like.

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"Heymarket enables professionals to use their phones to text with customers using a seperate assigned phone number."

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Featured on Inman

"Heymarket personalizes broad-cast texting for mobile-savvy agents. Use your phone's native texting capabilities to enrich the customer experience."

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Featured on Retail TouchPoints

“Heymarket built the app from the ground up for iPhone, Android and any web browser. Users can also use it on their computer with a web-based app.”

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